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Join us for this two-day event on September 25–26, 2008, celebrating GALCIT's 80th Birthday and the completion of the Phase II Renovation of the historic Guggenheim Building. The renovation has created much-needed new lab space for research and education. The new laboratories include the Laboratory of Large Space Structures, the Gordon Cann Laboratory of Experimental Innovation, the Allen Puckett Laboratory of Computational Fluid Mechanics, and the Joe Charyk Laboratory of Bio-Engineering (in the Karman building).

September 25th we will hold a day-long symposium to celebrate GALCIT's 80-year history and to highlight the achievements of our alumni. That evening there will be a gala banquet at the Athenaeum which will include the Aerospace Historical Society's presentation of the "International von Kármán Wings Award.

September 26th we will have the dedication ceremony and officially re-open the Guggenheim building.


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